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Get A Mortgage Loan With No Down Payment At the beginning of the 21st century, the prices of the average home were skyrocketing which gave home buyers “instant equity”. Many lenders offered zero down payment home mortgages to many of their customers knowing that they would soon...
4 Reasons To Consider A Reverse Mortgage With a regular mortgage, a bank or other lender will buy a house and then you spend several years paying them back. A reverse mortgage goes in the opposite direction: you start by owning (or at least mostly owning) a ...
Advice And Suggestions For First Time Home Buyers
Jumping Mortgage Approvals and Your Chances Since 2017, the demand for mortgages has soared to more than 11 percent over the prior year, according to UK Finance. On the other hand, credit card spending was also much higher than in previous years as well while borrowing ...
How High Does A Home Down Payment Need To Be?
Buying a Foreclosed Home: 10 Things You Need to Know.
Hunting for your first home? Here are 5 tips from the pros.
Refinancing Your Mortgage Can Lead To Better Returns
4 Factors That Affect Your Investment Property Venture
Expert home-improvement tips for your fall DIY projects.
4 Factors That Affect Your Investment Property Venture Like getting involved in any business in Sacramento, CA deciding to invest in property can be an extremely lucrative venture, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily fast or easy to do. If you’re looking to invest in property, you...
Understanding The Difference Between Mortgage Prequalification And Pre Approval
Refinancing Your Mortgage Can Lead To Better Returns Debt management is an essential skill for anyone with long term goals in Sacramento, CA. Without good debt management, you can’t maintain a decent credit score, keep student loans or car payments under control, and, perhaps most important of...
Saving Money with a 20-Year Home Mortgage One of the most common mortgages big in the housing market is the 30-year fixed mortgage. This is especially true for first time Sacramento home buyers who like to extend the loan payments over a longer-term. 

The next more commonly ...
Keeping Your Biggest Investment Safe This Fall
Keeping Your Biggest Investment Safe This Fall For most living in the Sacramento, CA area, your home is your biggest investment. It’s not only your biggest investment financially, but it’s where you spend your time, where you make your memories, and the place you turn to in ...
Is it a Good Idea to Pay Off a Mortgage as Soon as Possible? The answer to this question is that there really is no simple answer. Many people wonder if they should pay off their mortgage as soon as they can and it is a topic that shows up on many finance blogs ...
Advice And Suggestions For First Time Home Buyers Many people wait until the beginning of the year for income tax time to roll around before attempting to buy a new home. Why? Well, the refund can help them cover the down payment to the mortgage company. Additionally, the ...
Understanding The Difference Between Mortgage Prequalification And Pre Approval First-time homebuyers in CA are on a steep learning curve. There are so many processes, documents, and terminology they have to learn in order to buy a home. This can cause a lot of confusion, especially when the terminology is ...
Is it a Good Idea to Pay Off a Mortgage as Soon as Possible?
Buying a new home can be scary and filled with lot's
of scary questions.

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Jeremy Williams


Jeremy Williams founded AP Mortgage out of his passion for helping customers in the Sacramento, CA area. He was born and raised in the Sacramento, CA, which is why he has worked to improve the living situation of so many members of the community. About a decade ago, Williams moved to the city of Sacramento to continue his education at Sacramento State.

Williams graduated from Sacramento State with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He focused his studies on Finance, which helps to explain why he has such a passion working on loans. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he continued to study, earning his Master’s in Business Administration, focusing on Entrepreneurship and Global Business.

After completing his education, Williams gained experience working in both the public and the private sector. He also put his entrepreneurship studies to good use, as he owned his own business. With such a diverse employment background, he decided to place a particular emphasis on providing the best possible customer service. Anyone who’s worked with Williams can testament to how much he cares about others.

Williams still lives in the Sacramento, CA area with his family. He chooses to be very active in his free time, as he is an avid fan of bike riding and weight lifting.

  • 5
    "Louise B."

    Where do I even begin?! Hands down BEST AGENT EVER! Jeremy is and was an amazing agent. I spoke with him over the phone first and he did not come off...

  • 5
    "Misty W."

    Jeremy was extremely helpful with the loan for our first home. He communicated every step of the way and was really easy to work with, which made the buying...

  • 5
    "Desiree S."

    Jeremy was so calm and supportive and gave me direction every step of the way! Even when I was anxious out of my mind throughout the whole process. He kept...

  • 5
    "Stephanie Uribe"

    My experience with Jason Mata surpassed all of my expectations. Jason is very professional and incredibly helpful. He is trustworthy and intelligent and has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of his field. During each of my many interactions with Jason it was abundantly clear to me that he truly cares for his clients and goes out of his way to ensure that we are well taken care of. His kindness and pleasant yet professional demeanor is very appreciated, especially as the home buying process is such a traditionally stressful life event. Jason made my experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. I highly recommend Jason Mata and his team to anyone - especially teachers such as myself. If I find myself buying another home in the greater Sacramento area in the future I will undoubtedly be calling up Jason!

  • 5
    "David Esquith"

    Over the years I have financed and refinanced my home and have always been reasonably pleased with the experience. This, however, was the first time with Jason Mata and American Pacific Mortgage -- and it was, easily, the best experience to date. Jason was always available and made sure that everything was clear. Additionally, the others with whom I interacted were consistently polite, informative, and timely with all communication. There were no glitches or snags which made this entire process completely uneventful and drama free. Without question, I would use Jason again if I needed to refinance and, also without question, will recommend him to anyone interested in obtaining a mortgage.

  • 5
    "Sandy Tao"

    Jason and his team are top notch. They always have one of the best loan products available and will work with you to get the best option available. If timing is not right, he will tell you to wait and get back in touch at a later time when timing does become right. They are very professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    "Paul Wells"

    Jason was very easy to work with. The reason is that he was very responsive to all my questions, he pushed my line through very quickly, and his staff were very supportive and patient and guiding me through the process. This is not the first time I worked with Jason I have worked with him in the past and he is the only person I will work with. I highly recommend him to anybody who is unsure about refinancing in the modern digital era. Lynne Wells

  • 5
    "Michelle Marzan"

    I was able to purchase my first home thanks to Jason Mata and his team at APM. He walked me through the home buying process, showed me all of my available loan options and was transparent with everything. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond for any questions or concerns that I had. Would love to work with him and his team again.

  • "Lu Bui"

    Jeremy is everything you would want in an agent. As a first time home buyer, I could have not made a better decision when work with Jeremy. He not only met my expectations but went above and beyond even after I closed and he handed me the keys. He is still helping me out! The few things that really amazed me was how much knowledge he had and he was in strong support of ensuring his clients had the same knowledge. I've learned so much from Jeremy even after my millions of questions. He took care of things that I didnt realize until I would have a freak out. That was the funny part. I'd have freak outs for no reason because id tell jeremy my concerns and he would ALWAYS respond with "oh i already got that taken care of". He knows the value of a dollar meaning he will go to the ends of the earth to ensure you are satisfied with your loan terms, purchase agreement, etc. He sets you up for success. The best part is, he still sticks around to ensure you continue to be successful and comfortable with your purchase after everything is signed and done. I guarantee you will not go wrong or regret working with Jeremy.

    2020-01-23 21:36:43
  • "Carina Kool"

    Jeremy was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive to all of our inquires. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home or to refinance their home.

    2019-07-24 12:30:55
  • 5
    "Melanie Jordan"

    Jeremy was really great to work with! He was very responsive to all of my requests and made the entire loan process very easy to understand. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to buy or refinance!

    2018-01-09 11:29:56
  • 5
    "Dustin Dravland Robinson"

    If you don’t think you can afford to own your own home or if you want the best pricing/terms on the purchase of an investment property, talk to Jeremy! Jeremy has amazingly innovative lending structures to help just about anyone (and anywhere) get onto the home ownership ladder and get off the rental circuit. I highly recommend Jeremy as a lender after he has consistently helped many of my clients get pre-approved and find their dream home after they never thought it was possible. Call/Text/Email Jeremy today! Sincerely, Dustin Dravland Robinson, Realtor who has sold over 100+ homes with over a decade of experience in California real estate.

    2017-12-27 12:33:20
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980 9th Street Suite 1780
Sacramento, CA 95814

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